>We Might Have a Slight Problem With Squirrels

>We didn’t get a very good yield out of our garden this year, and I usually blame skunks and squirrels. I assume that it would be annoying if there was an animal eating our produce, but I wouldn’t know, because the animals in our yard eat all the leaves and flowers and we end up with nothing. Sometimes they even eat the plastic tag that says what variety of zucchini we planted.

So I have to admit, I wondered what was going to happen with our new bird feeder. I was pretty excited about our early Christmas present, because I thought it would be nice to watch the birds while I eat breakfast. But I just had this weird feeling that the squirrels would somehow get involved. The bird feeder actually looks pretty squirrel proof, but the suet is another matter. Well. I should say the suet was another matter. It lasted about an hour after a certain squirrel discovered it. This squirrel should have absolutely no problem making it through the winter.

Note that the squirrel looks like that before it even made a dent in the suet.


5 thoughts on “>We Might Have a Slight Problem With Squirrels

  1. Laurie

    >He is a chub! Must have other suet feeders on the menu …I have a book called How To Get Rid Of Squirrels. The bottom line is that it's basically impossible. My favorite chapter is "What To Do If You Think Squirrels Are Cute"!I think the best bet is to distract them with their own food–like dried corn cobs–so they leave the bird feeders alone for awhile. Plus my do-do brained birds won't eat the suet! I actually had to throw it out eventually.You probably have a Wild Birds Unlimited store somewhere near you? They're experts on all this stuff.Good-luck!http://youmusttakeyourchance.blogspot.com/

  2. Beth

    >I just took a pic of a squirrel on our porch eating our pumpkin! And yes, I still have pumpkins on our porch! No wonder St. nick hasnt come yet!

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