>Parenting Tips: Learning to Read

>I am walking a dangerous line here with Luke and his reading. Here it is: I cannot stop myself from laughing when he gets a word wrong. “The woodpecker uses his beak to hemmer… hemmer… hemmer.. hemmer? hemmer?!? hemmer? hemmer. Ohhhhhhh. Hammer.” (snicker, snicker.)

100% of the time Luke is laughing, but I fear for the time it doesn’t happen. It’s just so so funny to me.

I am an awesome mother!


4 thoughts on “>Parenting Tips: Learning to Read

  1. Laura M

    >I can relate. I don't think I was hiding my laughing eyes or smirk very well when I had to tell Caroline today down in Denver that it was not okay to yell out 'that guy is a brocolli head' because he was a late-twenties man with green hair. worse dye job than my own, but still uncool to yell 'brocolli head'

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