>First: The Cake

I was changing Jack’s diaper the other day and discussing, sort of over his head, that he may be susceptible to bribery in exchange for some potty training.  Possible M&M’s.  Possibly.  As Dave ad I discussed it a light-bulb went off over Jack’s head.  He grabbed his stomach and started writhing around and shouting, “I hungry!  Choklat!  I hungry, choklat!”  

And hence, the idea to make a chocolate cake for Jack’s birthday was born.  I went to my fave food blog and looked up chocolate cake, and I came up with two contenders.  One was too complicated and the other had coffee in it.  I went complicated.   Mmmm.  Complicated:  Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing underneath another layer of chocolate and peanut butter.
Due to the snow, I knew my favorite peanut-o-phile wasn’t going to brave highway 93 to join us so I sent her pictures of the cake throughout the day to torture her.  Good thing, because I can’t find the card reader today so we have to rely on the phone picture. My phone takes some good pictures! 
OK, I know everyone wants the recipe.  So here you go.  High altitude readers:  I subtracted one tablespoon of flour, and  I used one 1.75 teaspoons baking soda.  However, I have also made another cake from Sky High before, and I didn’t adjust it at all.  
For the record, blogging about the recipes I make from a food blog that I read, is sort of meta.

5 thoughts on “>First: The Cake

  1. Laura M

    >I don't care what anybody else says, you are a GENIUS! Nobody can make a cake out here and that thing was fantastic! You're not dummmmmmmmmmm!

  2. Jennifer

    >My husband is going to owe you flowers for linking to this recipe. He is a chocolate peanut butter freak, and he is going to love this cake! Thank you!

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