>A Study in Contrasts Part 1

>We had 2 snow days last week, and it was sort of silly if you ask me. I mean, since when does 18 inches of snow stop Coloradans from going to work and school? For 2 days?! My work was sort of closed for part of the time. I had to work from home because school was canceled, and the daycare was closed. So when my work said people could go home for the day, what was I supposed to do? I worked on and off and I played outside and shoveled. We went sledding once on Wednesday and once on Thursday.

On Wednesday we walked to the sledding hill near our house, and on Thursday, we rode bikes to a hill slightly farther away.

The hill within walking distance is really steep and dangerous, and my rule is that one parent (Dave) drags the sled to the top with the kids, making sure they don’t get knocked down on the way up, while the other parent (me) waits at the bottom and prays that they make it down safely. At the hill a little farther away, Luke can just sled with his friends all he wants, while one parent (Dave) sleds with Jack while the other parent (me) socializes with other parents at the top of the hill.

A couple more differences between the two days…

Posses of 18-21 year olds:

From Blog pix

Vs. Toddlers in Inner Tubes

From Blog pix

40’s chillin in the snow:

From Blog pix

Vs. Kids drinking hot chocolate:

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Crazies in One Piece Snowsuits from the 80’s… and yes, there is someone hitting a jump on a kayak in the background:

From Blog pix

Vs… Ok, yeah, I have nothing to contrast with that.

But hey – how cute can you get:

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