>Somebody Put Baby in the Corner

I just started to upload pumpkin patch pictures, and snowstorm day 1, and snowstorm day 2, and Halloween and everything in between. And I thought, “Wow! I have a lot of material for my blog!” and then I thought, “Good thing! It’s November and I am planning to blog every day in November!”

So I thought I would start with the most random picture, and the big announcement that you can look forward to 30 days in a row of posts here, so yea!

Oh, and one Jack story. We have started the 6 month period of the year where he has a runny nose, and I had wrestled him onto my lap so I could wipe his nose and apply some lotion. He was kicking and writhing and yelling, “Down, Down!” and then he segued right from an angry, “DOWN!” into a laughing, “down down baby, Elmo do karate”, and it worked. I started laughing and let him down.


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