>Who’s The Pig?

>No, that isn’t the intro to my swine flu post. Not yet, it’s too soon.

Dave has been out of town for, a month? I don’t know I lost track. But Jack was talking to him on the phone last night, and I heard Jack say, “I love you.” It sounds like, “I nuv you” henceforth referred to as INU. Then he starting saying stuff like, “Dwandma?” and I think he was confused because he couldn’t tell whether to talk to Dave or to the navigational system in Dave’s rental car. I had to get to the bottom of the INU because it’s just so sweet and I am tracking unprompted INUs. Sure, he’ll say it in response but it’s the random INUs that are the best. I mean, when he says them to ME they are the best. I assume. It’s only happened once.

So when I got back on the phone…

Me: I heard Jack say he loves you.
Dave: That’s because I said it to him first.
Me: Oh, because today Jack held up the Little People Farmer and the Little People Pig and then said, “I nuv you” and then he said, “tiss” and he had them kiss.
Dave: Aww, cute. We must be modeling loving behavior for him.
Me: Who’s the pig?
Dave: What?
Me: Who’s the pig?
Dave: What?
Me: I said the FARMER was kissing a P I G!
Dave: I thought you said the farmer was kissing his wife.
Me: We don’t have a farmer’s wife little people person.
Dave: What? Sorry… I? Can’t hear…You’re breaking up… I love you!



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