>Signs: Ignored

>Thinking backwards in chronological order, the signs I missed are thus:

1.) We had so much time to get to the bus that Jack and Luke and I all walked. Jack has never walked to the bus, there is no time for his meandering style. I only walk occasionally. Usually it’s a jog, sometimes a sprint. We left the house 2 minutes early today. Two. Whole. Minutes.

2.) Luke was watching a little TV with his hat, and coat and backpack on before we left. Usually, our race to the bus involves a sort of relay where the baton is in the form of Luke’s backpack and half of his outerwear, that I try to assemble on him as we are running.

3.) I flipped through a magazine for a bit once everyone was ready. Really.

And what did these three signs not tell me? Then did not tell me that I had forgotten something.

Dave is halfway through his 8 day business trip, and this morning I was about 44 hours into what I thought was a 24 hour illness. I did manage to eat something for breakfast, and I was as excited about that as someone who has had 5 crackers and a banana in 2 days can be. At lunch I decided to attempt some peanut butter on a cracker.

But the peanut butter was mysteriously not on the counter. It was… in the cabinet? That doesn’t sound right. That must mean I… I… OMG What did I pack for Luke’s lunch? Think! Think! OK, Milk. A cupcake. Half an apple. Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

And then our morning frantic freakout happened at 11:30 instead of 7:25. OMGIneedtomakea sandwichthebreadisn’tdefrostedpopitinthetoasterandgetpantsonJack. JackhaspantsneedsshoesthebreadisupmakethesandwhichwearealmostoutofhoneyOMG. Pause. Would it occur to Luke to get the hot lunch? Nohe’llcomehomestarvingandangryandcrabbyandmissinghisdadfinishthesandwhich.

I didn’t know when lunchtime really is, so we ended up getting to school 10 minutes ahead of time. Jack and I sat on a bench and smiled at people for 9 minutes after I finished tying his shoes and buttoning his jacket. Then we met the first graders as they came in, and we sat with Luke while he ate some of his lunch.

It was delightful.


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