>Days and Days of Photo Essays

>Remember, way back when, after I got back from vacation, when I posted a list of things I planned to blog? I really want to say “blog about” instead of just “blog”, but I can’t end a sentence with a preposition. Anyway, remember that?

Let’s see how have I done so far? Ok, not great. But! I have posts scheduled into the future now.

1.) Wildlife – Tuesday
2.) Mushrooms and Wildflowers – Friday
3.) Jack getting dirty and dirtier – See below
4.) Food – Saturday
5.) How my pedicure fared? – Done!
6.) Other
7.) Luke’s ad campaign for Target/Walmart – Sunday
8.) Core Mountain SportsSort of Done!
9.) Geologic Features – Monday

Full disclosure, I have the photos ready… The text isn’t complete. So if I fall back into some other rut of working/sleeping/reading/watching tv… the posts will still go up, but without my scintillating commentary. And I am sure no one wants that!

And now, here is a boy that got pretty dirty on his camping trip, and had no time for photos.

From Yellowstone