>The Long Awaited Pedicure Photo Essay

>As promised, I am working through the items on my list of things to blog about, starting with what people will probably find least interesting: my Yellowstone Vacation Pedicure. I decided to try something new this summer, bee-you. It turns out that I am a little addicted to the color, because I just had to get it redone this weekend. Funny story, after my pedicure, I was sitting at the little counter with the uv lights drying my little piggies and reading a book. And then I heard this:


And it was a very impatient hello.

I looked up, slowly, over the top of my glasses. And I slowly tried to figure out if I knew the man who was impatiently saying hello to me. The bearded man, who looked like he had just finished a run, and was maybe going to go home and mow the lawn, or scold his kids. I didn’t know him, so I didn’t say anything. He was sort of leaning over and looking at me with a bit of hostility. I was really enjoying my book, though, and I was not thrilled that he had torn me away.

Then he said, “Do you WORK HERE?”

Still looking over the top of my glasses I said, “No.” And then I continued reading. And that was it. No apology, no embarrassment. He just got his nails done and then stormed out to his subaru and drove off.

Anyway – on to my pedicure photo essay.

Here we are just a few days into our trip, and the polish appears to already be a bit chipped, like our windshield. We were following the RV from Cody to Yellowstone, and we had been in the car for a very short time when Jack started saying, “Down Mommy. Down. Mommy, Down!”

I was pretending I didn’t understand him, because we had been in the car for less than an hour and there was no way he was getting down. It turns out I didn’t have to pretend that hard at all because I actually didn’t understand what he meant. Until he elaborated. “Mommy! FOOT DOWN!”

When we were at Old Faithful, we spent a bunch of time entertaining ourselves at the picnic area while Dave worked. That is the subject of another post, but one of the things I did to pass the time was to take a picture of my foot.

Then on the way out of the park, we stopped at one last geologic feature, and I took a picture of my foot over a bacterial mat.

Possibly coming soon… Pictures of geologic features that do not feature one of my feet.


3 thoughts on “>The Long Awaited Pedicure Photo Essay

  1. Linda

    >Today Cindy and I saw the movie Julie and Julia (I hope you see it) Julie – a blogger – made me realize how responsible it is for blog readers to post their comments. Anyway your blue toes did get my attention and I loved reading about your adventures on vacation

  2. Meta Megan

    >Mom – we'd love for you to learn all about bacteria mats. When do you want to go to Yellowstone? We'll book rooms at the lodge!Aunt Linda – I haven't seen the movie but I would like to. I read the book a few years ago, and since I love cook and blog, and blog about cooking, I am sure I would like the movie.

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