>Technical Difficulties

>I’ve been trying to work closer to 40 hours than 60, so this week I haven’t opened my laptop after work. Yea me! Of course that means I am still way way way behind on all the witty and hilarious blog posts that I owe my loyal readers. (Hi Cindy!)

I also tried to do a post for William’s blog, and then accidentally posted it here. (William is doing well, but this month he starts the next round of chemo and it is going to be a really intense month.) When I realized what happened with the blog, I tried to fix it, but google wouldn’t let me log in for about 5 hours. Coincidentally, I got a lot of work done that day. (I almost never post from work – but that was a quicky and then I screwed it up and then I ended up being really productive for the rest of the day so I think it’s OK.)

In other news, a few weeks ago, I realized that some of Jack’s friends know their colors and I was like, “OMG! Jack doesn’t know his colors! He’ll never get into Harvard now!” OK, it was more like, “Oh yeah. Colors. Maybe we should talk about colors.” And talking about colors is really fun. It always goes like this:

Me: What colors is this? (Points to something.)
Jack: Bee-you?
Me: Nope. (Unless it is blue, which it rarely is.)

Other colors that Jack will sometimes guess if bee-you is not the right answer: Goo-een? Yea-yo? Wed?

Also cute, but tragic: When I dropped Jack off this morning I asked for a kiss and he said “No.” Actually, it was not just, “No.” It was, “No. No tiss. No tiss. No.” But then he gave me a tiss anyway.

Glasses Update: I tried on 50 pairs of glasses. They can be viewed here. But I think I am just going to get prescription sunglasses and wear the glasses I already have for a while and continue to shop for glasses and then never buy them. But feel free to vote for your favorite pair!

Health Update: It hasn’t been exactly a month since my last monthly tragedy, so it’s a little early to have something else going on, but yesterday an email went out that we have our first potential case of H1N1 flu in our building. And I had spent the entire day before in this guys office working with him so I think we can guess where this is going to end up. Maybe if I get too sick to blog, (again) instead of taking another extended absence, (again) I’ll just sign up for twitter and tweet my swine flu experience. Keep your fingers crossed, readers!


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