>Catching Up

>Back again – this time from another medical near disaster: a corneal ulcer. The good news is that I will not be going blind in one eye at this time. The potentially bad news (for my looks) is that even though I have been told I can wear contacts again, I am considering a break. So I may be requesting help picking out my next pair of glasses. On the one hand, I fear that asking the glasses person at the doctor’s office to take pictures of me in each and every style may be annoying. On the other hand, I have been in that office 5 days out of the last 7, and I’ll be going back several more times in the next few weeks. I’ve already tried on every pair of glasses in the store, so I think they won’t be surprised.

One of the doctors suggested that I figure out how to do a better job taking care of myself and managing stress. So I ordered a book about simplifying my life. And then I added some cake decorating tools to the order while I was at it. I may have a problem. Speaking of embarrassing problems, since I was shopping anyway, I added the last Twilight book to the order. My wonderful sister sent me the first one when I was convalescing a month ago. I bought the second one on my way to a doctors appointment for a complication, and I saw the third one (out of one eye) when I was picking up eye drops. 40% off! The pharmacy tech guy asked if I wanted a bag, and I said yes, to hide my book. Hopefully since I have already bought the book, I won’t need some sort of new and terrible medical emergency to give me an excuse to find out what happens with the sparkly vampires.

I still have all my Yellowstone posts to do, and now you can all look forward reading about my adventures with the Twilight series, simplifying my life, and then decorating some fancy cakes.

In the meantime – here is Luke doing a little rock climbing at the best raft/climb/guide/kayak store in Cody, WY.


5 thoughts on “>Catching Up

  1. molly

    >Hilarious as usual! Glad to hear from you. SHared your Bison video with Heidi(bio teacher who loves Bison)She also loves your blog. Likens you to Erma Bombeck!

  2. Family of Weebles

    >Why not have Dave take the pics of you with all the glasses instead of the office people? I am confused…are you on the 3rd or 4th Twilight book? I could have sent you either or both for free!

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