>Date Night

>Last week, we had one of Luke’s friends over after camp, and this week, Luke and Jack went to his house. Dave and I had a date! Yea! And then, when I was putting Luke to bed, we had this conversation:

Luke: What do you do when you are invited to someone’s house and they have a brother. Do you need to play with them?
Me: Are you talking about you and Jack at your friend’s house?
Luke: No! No, not like that!
Me: OK, what are you talking about?
Luke: Like, um, if you had a friend, with a brother, or a sister, or like, a twin brother, and you are at their house, and you like the sister, but do you have to play with them?
Me: Well, if the sibling wants to play with you, then you would be a polite guest and play with them. But I can imagine times where you’d just want to play with your friend and then maybe the parent could arrange for that. Are you talking about (Insert a million examples and a million “No” answers.)
Luke: Long convoluted example that makes no sense, but in which he insisted that the example sibling was at least 4 years old.
Me: Are you talking about you and Jack?
Luke: Yes. I don’t want him coming on my play dates.

Poor Luke. I had to explain that it wasn’t really a play date for him as much as a date for mommy and daddy.

In other news, Luke lost another tooth. This one didn’t seem that loose, but Luke took a kazoo from Jack and put it in his mouth, and when Jack yanked the kazoo out of Luke’s mouth, the tooth came with it.


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