>Mission Complete! What Ten Ho!

>I am sure Uncle John, my loving and caring brother, will be happy to read that the batteries in the Tonka Ambulance that he purchases for Luke about 4 years ago are still going strong. It has a siren, flashing lights, a little song about Tonka and a little saying that goes like this, “Mission Complete, Let’s Head Home.” Or, if you are Luke, you might insist that it says, “Mission Complete, What Ten Ho.” And now Jack has discovered the truck, and he likes to play that song that goes, “It’s Tonka, to the rescue, we’re coming through for you!” while he does a little dance. I took about 10 videos over 2 days but I could never quite capture the perfect dance. Part of the problem was that Luke was thwarting my attempts by making the truck play the other noises instead of the song. Over and over. This all took place about a month ago, but I’m just blogging about it now for several reasons. Number one reason is laziness. You wouldn’t believe the ideas I have filed away, with no time to write them all down. Then yesterday, we saw a real rescue vehicle, which was very exciting. Also, I was just hearing that my biggest blog fans, Rose and Anthony, like videos the best, and since my camera is broken I decided to see what I could find in my archives. So here you go:

Sometimes it turns out that the first take is the best one:


4 thoughts on “>Mission Complete! What Ten Ho!

  1. Beth

    >Yay! Your two biggest blog fans will be so excited to see the new video! I think it sounds like What ten ho also.

  2. JCH

    >loved the story, and the fact that somehow the batteries lasted that long. loveyour loving and caring brother.

  3. Laura M

    >the only way batteries last that long is if a mean Megan hides the toy somewhere to get that song out of her head. How could you? They are so cute enjoying that noisy thing.

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