>Coffee, Sweet, Sweet Coffee

>Last Saturday, Luke had an 8:00 am basketball game. I had gotten up with Jack at 5am, and when I heard Luke’s alarm go off at 5:55, I was able to murkily figure out that his clock had been set an hour ahead. Luke ran upstairs already dressed and there was no way he’d be going back to sleep, so I just went for it. By 8:45, all the laundry had been folded, breakfasts made, eaten, and cleaned up, and Luke and I were 3 quarters into a basketball game. That’s when one of the parents said to me, “Meeeeeeegan. I’m outta coooooooooffeeeeee.” I said, “Me too. And mine was decaf.” And then it occurred to me that I don’t need to suffer from caffeine deprivation anymore just because 25 months later I have gotten pregnant, given birth and am nursing a toddler.

Fast forward to Sunday morning at the Southside Walnut Cafe, where I ordered a cappuccino. Fast forward again to 10 minutes later when I was saying to Dave, “Right now, I feel like everything in my life is totally perfect. I am so happy. I am almost worried that later I’ll feel just the opposite. This bliss seems so extreme.” Dave said, “What you are feeling right now, are the effects of caffeine. And yes, you will crash later.”

You may have gotten a combined Christmas-Birthday-thank-you-Valentine-package-of-Luke’s-art. That was the first thing that Luke and I did. Then we melted down crayons and made 12 heart shaped crayon necklaces. Then I did about 17 other things, and then I was looking at something on the bottom shelf at the grocery store and when I stood up the shelves got all wonky. It was a loooong bike ride home.

It seems like caffeine and I do better meeting occasionally. On Sundays. Let’s just say I organized a lot of closets today, and leave it at that.

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