>Books Read: 2009 Edition

>This will be a short post. I have read 1001 Arabian Nights. Yup, that’s it. One book of short stories in the whole year of 2009 a.d. I am not really sure what the deal is, but I think maybe I have a lot going on. Or else I am watching too much TV. I also don’t count non-fiction. One book that is taking away time from my fiction reading is Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. So far the results are mixed. Tastes great, looks weird.

I’ll be working on improving the bread every day, for five minutes.

The Pecan Caramel rolls, (from the same dough recipe) on the other hand, both looked at tasted delicious. The other book I am reading is Hello Cupcake. I started with an easy one.

Then I’ll work my way up to extremely complicated for Luke’s kindergarten class birthday party. What could possibly go wrong?


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