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From December

Last weekend was the Annual Gingerbread House Making Party at my over-achieving friend’s house. The house plans were designed by an architect friend and I really want him to publish a book of gingerbread house plans before next Christmas so that I can purchase it.

I have arrows pointed to all the outdoor equipment that Luke built for his house. Starting on the left and going clockwise, we have an orange gumdrop snowboarder, a police car (already partially consumed by Dave), an orange gumdrop scooter, and finally a sled.

I made Dave redecorate 3 times because I hadn’t taken a picture yet and he kept eating all the gumdrops. But now that the picture has been taken, the house can be eaten! In the past I have made everyone wait until after Christmas, until it’s good and stale. Then I say, “I’ll leave this out for one day and we can eat as much as we want and then I’ll get rid of the rest.” Then we forget and go somewhere and leave the gingerbread house on the counter and Bean eats the whole thing. So this year, we aren’t waiting. In fact, the awning has already been consumed. Yum!

One more view of the scooter/snow jet ski and a shot of the peppermint ATV:

From December

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