>The Season of Giving

>Dave and Luke and Jack went shopping for my Christmas presents on Sunday and then wrapped them and put them under the tree. Luke is very excited about my present, but he was a little bothered by the fact that there weren’t any presents under the tree for him. Last year he got PJs and an ornament from me, and this year I planned for the same. But he already knows about the PJs, and the ornament isn’t that big of a deal. So when he asked what I would be giving him for Christmas I said nothing. Santa will be bringing all your gifts! This was an unsatisfactory answer for many reasons, but mostly because that meant nothing under the tree for X more days. We discussed it for a while but he wasn’t able to talk me into giving him a present.

An hour later Luke approached me with a new strategy. He was very serious. A tad choked up.

“Mom. Christmas is a season of giving. And I am a little worried about you. Because you aren’t giving me anything. “

Poor kid. He just wants to make sure I experience the season.


3 thoughts on “>The Season of Giving

  1. Anonymous

    >I see that Luke has already learned the “pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip” approach. I recall his mother spilling the beans to her mother that we had indeed bought a Mother’s Day present.

  2. Bill and Cindy

    >In our house, we do the opposite. We give most of the gifts and Santa only brings one or two that are asked for. That way it doesn’t seem that Santa is a bottomless pit of expensive gifts.

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