>Thanksgiving Review

>Some years I go a little overboard on Thanksgiving, and cook way to many different dishes and get all stressed out and tired. Last year we ordered our dinner from Brothers Barbecue because Jack was only a week old and I still made some side dishes and desserts. I think my problem is that I feel the need to cook the traditional stuff, and also whatever I want. This year I decided to limit myself to one or the other. I read a delicious looking recipe for brussel sprouts, but the majority of eaters wouldn’t have liked it, I didn’t make it. But instead of making a pumpkin or pecan pie, I made a chocolate chip pie. Yum!

In Summary:

Turkey: Ordered from Brothers again. It was delicious. But it was supposed to be reheated for 1-1.5 hours and it wasn’t done after 1.5 hours so that was annoying. Next year: start reheating earlier. The turkey was really moist and delicious.
Mashed Potatoes: I roasted two heads of garlic and added them with a spoon full of sour cream, a T of butter and some salt and pepper to a little less than 3 lbs of potatoes. Yum.
Green Bean Casserole: The old standard with the french fried onions. Luke said it made him feel like he was going to throw up. Otherwise, enjoyed by all.
Cranberries: From Domino Mag. A big hit. Really big.
Stuffing: From Domino Mag: This recipe called for cooked chestnuts, but didn’t give any hint as to how to cook the chestnuts. Well, I roasted them. So once I added my cooked chestnuts, and then cooked the stuffing… Let’s just say that it led to a really detailed discussion on dental mishaps. If you avoided the chestnuts, it was really good though. It may have been better suited to being cooked as real stuffing, inside the bird.
Chocolate Chip Pie: Yum.


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  1. Anonymous

    >Being the chef that I am (not), it took me a while to figure out that your cranberries and stuffing from “Domino Mag” actually meant a magazine with recipes for the two dishes – for you to make, NOT a store or restaurant called “Domino Mag” where you could buy ready-made cranberries and stuffing to take out.Sounded like a delicious meal!Ellie

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