>It’s Not That He is Jealous, It’s Just That He Doesn’t Want Luke on Your Lap

>Today after dinner we were all playing with this cool shake-up car. Dave and Jack were at one end of the hallway and Luke and I were at the other. We took turns shaking up the car and watching it go, then sending it back to each other. New batteries really turned things up a notch with that car. At one point, it went careening down the stairs, shook itself up on the way, hit the landing and took off again. Hilarity ensued.

And then Luke sat on my lap. And from across the room there was this ungodly yell. A roar almost. It came out of a one year old that was crawling like the wind, at speeds never before clocked in our living room. And that one year old was coming straight at us. He climbed right up Luke’s body, over his head and onto my lap where he started pushing Luke as far away has he could. Which wasn’t far, because Jack has short arms, and Luke wasn’t going anywhere, so there was lots of yelling, pushing, and laughing. Luke and I were shaking with laughter. When I got my breath I said, “Jack never struck me as the jealous type.” And Dave said, “It’s not that he’s jealous. He just doesn’t want Luke on your lap.”

All this took place under wafts of pumpkin cake aroma. I took a picture, but why bother getting it off my camera, when it looks exactly like this?


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