>The Crazy Cook

>Fresh on the heels of my birthday party culinary successes, I am planning to participate in my first school bake sale. So far I am $15.00 in the hole, and I haven’t even purchased any ingredients. But I love to bake, and I needed an excuse to buy a 9″ spring form pan. My excuse? Oh, I was trying to take it up a notch, so at Andrea’s advice I took myself to the cake supply store to get myself a cake box or five. (What else was I supposed to do? Put the cake on a paper plate and cover it with plastic wrap? No, I am seriously asking, what do I do with the cake?) The cake supply proprietress was sort of bossy as I was interrupting her soaps on the 13″ rabbit ear set. I said, “I think I have a 9 pan.” And before I knew it I was out the door with my 10″ cake box. Alas, during the practice cake run, I determined that I have a 10″ pan, thus rendering the cake box totally useless. Dave suggested I just bake the cake in the pan that I have and then trim the edges so it will fit in the box. Are you kidding me Dave? So today I bought a 9″ pan, which increases the challenge because now my practice run means nothing. New pan, new size, new cooking time.

Wish me luck!