>Nap time


Bean was very unhappy when Luke was born. He let us know this by pooping on the floor of Luke’s room. Gradually, and begrudingly he grew to tolerate his new brother. But that was the extent of it. Maybe Bean is just beyond caring, but he seems happier with his new brother Jack.

It almost seems like Bean misses Jack when Jack is taking a nap.

Bean just wants to be close to Jack, so he snuggles with Jacks toys.

Or maybe poor Bean is just finding a way to deal with the fact that Jack’s toys now cover the entire 6×8 rug that represents the only area in Bean’s part of the house that isn’t hard wood. Poor Bean.


4 thoughts on “>Nap time

  1. Beth

    >Oh, thanks for the post and photos of Bean. I just love him so much! Glad he loves his new brother. Thats kind of how Manny is with Rose.

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