>Milestone Miscellaneous

> Since I am sure no one wants to hear the milk and bottle disaster from this morning, I am just going to skip over it. Have you ever smelled milk and thought maybe it’s bad, but I should taste it just to be sure? Isn’t that dumb?

In other news, I wanted to post this picture because it’s what inspired me to write all about Jack’s new milestones. But I forgot to include the picture, and the fact that he had his first bath in the real tub. Yea! And you can almost see his two new teeth here, which I also forgot to include in the milestone announcement. Speaking of milestones, we are rapidly approaching my 100th post. V. exciting. Also, it’s almost the 19th of July, which I haven’t quite turned into a holiday where people send me gifts, but I always get good wishes on that day. More on that later. So I was thinking of having a joint 19th of July, 100th post celebration, where I encourage people to post a comment and then I randomly pick a winner and send them a prize. The prize is to be determined, but I welcome suggestions. One very talented, funny, and famous blogger recently gave away 5 wii+wii sports to random commenters and she got 42000 comments. Nintendo hasn’t offered me anything yet, so my prize would probably be something lying around the house that I don’t want anymore. Or something I could send through the internets without having to do anything more strenuous than get my credit card out of my wallet. Assuming I can find my wallet and that my credit card is in there. Hopefully no one in my family will include in their comment that it takes me months to get to the post office. I only wish I had bought some kitschy trinkets in Hot Springs. Stay tuned and plan to comment on the 19th of July!


9 thoughts on “>Milestone Miscellaneous

  1. Anonymous

    >Not to reveal family secrets, but it does indeed take mega months for Meta Megan to go to the Post Office. We’re all hoping for a “meta-noia.”

  2. Meta Megan

    >Stay tuned Anonymous1! The genesis of my own personal holiday will be revealed on the actual day! Also, I am still thinking about the prize for the random commenter. One thought is a gift certificate to the Boulder bookstore, but since I don’t want to spend a lot of money, the winner may feel like they got a bill to the boulder bookstore. Like, hey, I can almost buy a paperback with this! Then once I add in shipping… Other ideas include a bag of McDonalds toys that I want out of my house. Or maybe a signed photograph of Bean? I’d offer a batch of cookies, but baking cookies + going to the post office would mean you wouldn’t get the prize until I was already baking and going to the post office, so that means Christmas.

  3. Anonymous

    >It sounds like fun. The post office is soooooooooooooo far away, and father’s comes just once a year. No pressure however. Just eleven months to go……

  4. Beth

    >Here’s a random comment that I hope will win me a prize, but I must say no thanks to the McDonalds toys, we already have a ton. And I also know the story of the 19th of July, although of course Megan’s story will be way more interesting and entertaining. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    >May I brag one more time and say that I know the story behind the 19th of July and I’m *not* related to Megan in any way! ;-)Ellie

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