>We Try, Not Very Hard, But We Try

I took a picture of this little tableau before our dinner on the way to Wyoming for our camping trip this past weekend. We try to eat healthy meals as often as possible, but we can’s seem to get it together when we are frantically leaving work and heading to some camping destination on a Friday evening. Since we have been camping about every other weekend… blah, blah, blah, the guilt, etc.

So I tried to feed Jack his whole grain, organic, baby oatmeal and his organic, strained carrots while I ate my crispy chicken sandwich. It didn’t work out for many reasons.

1.) Gross high chair – had to be wiped down with two wipes before we started and I still shudder to think of it.
2.) Hmm, in what, and with what should I mix the organic, whole grain oatmeal? In a tiny paper ketchup holder? With ice water? Yeah, that’ll work! Except Jack wasn’t too happy with the freezing oatmeal. And when I left the spoon in the tiny paper cup it tipped over. And when I accidentally dipped one of my fries in the carrots I gagged a little. But Jack loved it when I fed him ketchup by accident. (Kidding!)
3.) I am not sure if I have posted enough pictures of Jack eating to get the point across, but let’s just say his very involved in his meals. So we both got sort of covered in food.

Here’s an aside – When you have a baby whose face, hands, arms, bib, and high chair tray are covered in food, where do you start the clean up? My strategy is to do the face first, then the hands and arms. Then I whip off the bib and use it to get the majority of the tray. Is there a better way? Where do you start and finish? I guess I don’t really finish at all right now, because I sometimes find a spoon stuck to a bib stuck to a tray about 5 minutes before I am about to serve dinner, and that is the worst.

Anyway – back to fast food. We are going on a big road trip soon and we are planning to avoid fast food as much as possible. Wish us luck!