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I wish I was in the middle of writing a wildly creative post right now, but Jack and I are crying it out. Well, Jack is. I am just madly searching google for reassurance that I am doing the right thing. And feeling like I should be crying, but eh, I am ready for this baby to start sleeping more. Dave is acting blasĂ© . Luke is sleeping. I hear Bean checking in on Jack and can feel him silently reproaching me from upstairs. So are you deaf or what Bean? I’m on to you.

I put Jack on notice last week that he had 7 days in which to get it together and start sleeping through the night. He did it once. OK, I am sure we messed up his schedule with our camping trip, but seriously! So after the 17th time that Dave and or I went in to soothe him this evening, it was time to get down to business.

I went in and said, “Jack, I love you. It’s time to go to sleep.” And I turned on his aquarium and hoped that would do the trick. I set the timer for 10 minutes and went downstairs.

After 10 long, agonizing, google searching, ferber reading minutes the timer went off. Dave said, “That was 10 minutes?” No, it was an eternity.

I went back in to his room and put my hand on his tummy. I put the pacifier in his mouth, and I said, “I love you Jack. It’s time to sleep.” Then I wiped the little tears from his tiny, furrowed brow. I left his room and I set the timer for another 10 minutes. But I guess that was unnecessary because he stopped crying right away and went to sleep! Time for a Pear of Panties! And then straight to bed because I haven’t yet figured out exactly what I am going to do in half an hour when he starts crying again.


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  1. Anonymous

    >Aw, Megan. I have so been there and done that. With Jackson, I basically never CIO’ed with him, and with Cole, I tried, but the kid was SOOO stubborn, he would have cried all 9 hours in the night if I let him. I’ve tried to let him cry for over an hour (yes, an HOUR) and went back to him crying even stronger than when he started! Sounds like you are making headway with Jack, though. With Wes, his bedroom is so far from our bedroom, that I’ve left him crying in the middle of the night and went back to my room and fell asleep before I knew if he stopped or not (turned the monitor down and then fell asleep – by accident). He’s always been fine in the morning, so I imagine he did just fine with CIO. LOL! Jack doesn’t sound as stubborn as Cole, so he will get there, just like Wes did.Ellie

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