>A Case of the Frump

>My spring wardrobe has always been lacking, and now that I still have some pregnancy weight to lose, and I must always wear something that makes nursing convenient, I am really limited. So limited that in the past few weeks I have been ranging from minor fashion faux pas to major fashion don’ts.

It all started when I quit my glamorous career on the cutting edge of database technology in exotic Broomfield. It wasn’t the epicenter of fashion, but I only saw someone wearing rubber clown shoes to work once, in three years. And it was close to a shopping mall. Now that I never need to sully my compact car with the dust of Broomfield, and I have actually been trying to bike to work more, and I still have weight to lose, and Old Navy left Boulder, well let’s just say I haven’t quite figured out my new fashion niche. (Pronounced neeeeeesh by my brother.)

So I end up biking to work in a pencil skirt (with shorts underneath) and heels one day, and then trying to convince myself that flip flops are socially acceptable for work the next day. I did end up wearing my flip flops because during my reverie, I accidentally dropped a chunky heeled sandal on my foot and thought I broke my toe. Here is what I learned about wearing my (really cute) new flip flops to work: I am short. And flip flops make a lot of noise in a quiet office. And they look terrible with the capri pants I should have donated to charity 5 years ago.

Also, when I meet all the local hot mamas and their children for a dinner playdate, I should shower, wear my contacts, and sport something other than my gray fleece.

Will I lose those last 7 pounds? Or just break down and buy some bigger clothes? Can I strike the right balance of bike-wearable-professional-fashionable clothes? Should I just try to meet some uglier friends? Stay tuned.


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