>The Memorial Day Camping Trip Post

>I couldn’t really put Jack down this weekend because there weren’t that many flat places. (Also, the little girls would swarm, swarm!.) I put down the blanket, put Jack on it, tried to reeeeach for my magazine and in that time he rolled, rolled, rolled, grabbed some pine needles and tried to eat them. This happened twice. And that is when I realized that if there were any flat spots in our campsite that we would have parked the van in one and then we could have spread out and not slept all in the tiny down hill corner.

Wellington Lake in two statements:
1.) Slanted
2.) Grossest bathrooms ever

But we had a good time, the kids loved it, and it sure looks good in the pictures!

Jack and Bean and I hiked to the bottom of the waterfall, while the other, braver moms, with younger dogs took the rest of the kids way up high.

Luke, exploring:

The Sultan gets a diaper change:

Bean stole Luke’s sleeping bag, and then Luke stole mine and so on.

Putting your PJs on over your clothes for the next day is way smarter than putting your PJs on below your clothes, and then wearing them for 2 days, which is what we did. We have so much to learn from the other campers:

Perfect cast:


The only flat spot:



And (Grandmas, stop reading now) Dave built a jump:


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