>Excuse Me Ma’am, Did You Pay For That Donut?

As previously noted, my grocery shopping schedule is totally out of whack. Instead of going Friday with just Jack, I picked Luke up from daycare and took both boys with me after work.

I didn’t bring a snack for Luke because I figured I’d let him have one of the free cookies when we got to the grocery. We made a bee line over there, which screwed up my usual traffic pattern through the store and somehow caused us to circle the entire store about 6 times. But worse than that was the fact that the cookie section was… EMPTY. He decided he wanted a donut instead and being the good, health conscious, anti-dinner spoiling, trans-fat avoiding mom that I am, I said, “OK, but you need to share it with me.”

Luke: Just take a small bite
Mom: Mmm. Mmm. Yum.
Luke: That’s all you get. Is this free?
Mom: No, they are 3 for a dollar.
Luke: So how much are they?
Mom: 33 cents.
Luke: How will you remember how much it costs?
Mom: I have a good memory.
Luke: Will I have to give them the donut at the checkout?
Mom: No, just eat it.
Luke: How will you pay for it?
Mom: I’ll hold onto the wrapper and it will remind me to tell them that we ate a donut.
Luke: How much is it? 33 cents?
Mom: Yes.

Somewhere during the second lap around the store, I noticed he was still carrying the donut.

Mom: Eat that, or it will be too close to dinner when you finish it.
Luke: I decided I wanted to save it until we get home.
Mom: I don’t like that idea
Luke: Will I need to hand the donut to the checkout person?
Mom: No, I’ll say, “We need to pay for this donut.” And I’ll point to the donut.

–Repeat 3 more times —

When we finally arrived at the checkout I said, “We need to pay for one donut.”
The clerk said, “OK”

Then 2 seconds later I looked down at Luke and he had empty hands and donut filled chipmunk cheeks.

I guess he was really worried I would forget to pay for that donut.