>There’s a Lemon in My Jewelry Box

There. I said it. Not much more to say, the title says it all. But since I can’t stop myself, I’ll explain. On Sunday we had dinner at our friends’ house and I thought they needed a lemon so I brought one. Turns out they didn’t need it. So I guess when I got home, I took the lemon out of my pocket before hanging up my coat in my closet. It appears that I put it in my jewelry box. That was two days ago. So when I noticed the lemon, I took a picture of it, wrote a blog post, but did not move the lemon. Stay tuned for “My Closet Smells Like Rotten Lemons.”


1 thought on “>There’s a Lemon in My Jewelry Box

  1. Laura M

    >mmmm-mmmm drinking cold lemon drops on a Sunday night. How decadent. Looking forward to the posting about favorite meal of the weekend roasted over the coleman stove.

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