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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Khachapuri


I was flipping through Food and Wine recently and I saw this picture:


There wasn’t a recipe, just a reference to the Walnut Street Cafe in Philadelphia.  So I googled Khachapuri and read a bunch of different recipes, and then just decided to wing it.  It kind of reminded me of the breakfast pizza I tried to make a while ago, with terrible results.  But the shape seemed promising. The idea with khachapuri, is that you have a bread boat full of cheese and a lightly cooked egg.  You tear off bits of crust and dip it in the melted cheese and yolk.  Sounded like a perfect breakfast.

I made my normal pizza recipe, but I subbed milk for water, and added two tablespoons of butter.  Then I let it rise in the fridge over night.  In the morning I let the dough sort of warm up while the oven preheated, and then I rolled up the boats and added cheese.  I just used mozzarella because I decided to make this after dinner on Thursday night, and I didn’t want to go to the store for fancier cheese.  (Also, I am boycotting our normal grocery store because the remodel was causing me to experience anxiety every time I went, which was about two times a day.  In my new, post grocery store life, I am happy and calm.  I’m shopping elsewhere, at Costco and Lucky’s.  Lucky’s serves $2 pints and has some carts with a beverage holder.  The opposite of anxiety inducing! They also don’t really have a lot of food, and what they do have is kinda expensive.  And I accidentally bought decaf coffee there, but after two days of severe headaches, I figured it out. $2 pints!!)

The khachapuri bakes at 500 for about 15 minutes and then you add the egg and cook it for 4 minutes more.  I couldn’t decide if I was going to add the egg at all until the very last second, but I did, and I’m glad, because it was so delicious.  Only one egg slid out of the boat, but I got it back in there quickly with the yolk intact.

Everyone thought they were delicious.  The boys couldn’t finish theirs so I said to eat the messy part and then I put it in a tupperware for lunch or snack. Luke at he rest of his, but Jack forgot about his, and somehow his tupperware ended up back in the cabinet, and I found half a khachapuri in there 4 days later.

Other than that, huge success!  A bit ambitious for a school morning though.



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Breakfast Pizza


This is one of those blog posts where I post a picture of something else instead of what I made for breakfast last Friday because the Fancy Breakfast Friday was highly un-photogenic.  But I sure was busy in the kitchen last Friday!  We had a belated pie party for Luke’s birthday and I made a cherry pie and a peach cobbler.  It was also the night of the talent show so I made Madeleines for the bake sale, and since I learned last time that my recipe makes more than 12, I turned the rest of the batter into cupcakes.

Fortunately, Jack only did the art show part of the talent show so we could go straight from baseball to the art opening to our party at home.  He used the sumi e style to paint the tree in the background there.


But what did we have for breakfast?  Well.  As I said in the title, we had breakfast pizza, which was actually delicious.  I was inspired by an old Williams Sonoma pizza cookbook that my roommates bought me in college.  At the time, I thought the recipe looked disgusting because I didn’t like eggs.  #weird.   This is one major fail that I want to keep working on and get it right.  What I took from the cookbook recipe was the idea of making a breakfast pizza, and to cook the dough/cheese/meat first and then add the eggs for the last couple minutes.  I came up with this idea very last minute, and I already had dough in the fridge from an Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day recipe I had been using.  But here are my lessons learned – I need to make a fresher dough for the crust so it’s bigger and softer.  I need to make a big crust around the edges so the eggs don’t slide off.  I also need to cook this on a pan with sides, certainly not one with holes.


So how was it?  Delicious.  It’s cheddar, egg, and bacon on a pizza.  What could go wrong?  Aside from the yolks breaking and the eggs sliding entirely off the pizza?