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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Road Trip


We have been to Hot Springs, Arkansas, Buffalo Creek Campground, and Breckenridge in the last two and half weeks.  We’ve had lots of delicious restaurant meals – last Friday we celebrated Dave’s birthday at Lucille’s, and he even got a special birthday plate!  It’s been too hot to turn on the oven, so this patriotic oatmeal is about the fanciest breakfast I have made.

I did make this cake for Dave’s birthday though. The secret is that I use a swiss buttercream that calls for 3 sticks of butter, 6 eggs, 11.5 ounces of sugar.  I subbed 2 ounces of sugar with strawberry qwik because Dave likes pink icing on chocolate cake for his birthday.


I have been very slowly working on a summer reading program… but instead of finishing it (OK, starting it) I spent my evening making an extensive spreadsheet to track our James Bond Movie watching.  (Just the basic spreadsheet of 26 movies that you can sort by actor, chronological order, Netflix status, Rolling Stone rating, or what we plan to watch and when.  Simple stuff.)  If for some reason, you think you would find this useful … click here: JamesBond.

We shall have a fancy breakfast again soon!


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Grandma’s Oatmeal

imageI’m not going to lead with the oatmeal pic because it is not very glamorous.  But please enjoy these water lilies that I observed while recovering from a crazy weekend.  Speaking of crazy weekends, I should have written this blog post immediately after breakfast last Friday because at this point, almost a week later, the details are hazy.

I went to be the night before with a lot of ideas for breakfast, but each had a high chance of going horribly wrong.  I finally settled on a concept of “bananas foster as an oatmeal topping, but without alcohol or fire, or a recipe for bananas foster.”  But that was too long a title for this blog post.

I melted some butter in a sauce pan, and I added brown sugar and cinnamon.  I was going for a caramel type syrup and I got more of a crust.  But the crust tasted exactly like cookies my grandma used to make by mixing butter and brown sugar and baking it over graham crackers.  So it was a win for me.  I mixed milk and oats and heated them in the microwave, then topped them with bananas and brown sugar crust.  I thought it was very yummy! Luke said it was “good” and Jack said it was “fine I guess.”  I was happy with the surprise-grandma-cookie memory and the easy breakfast.