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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Camping 2.0


Remember about 3 weeks ago when I said I had officially covered all the versions of blueberry and cornmeal and I had found the solution and now I could move on?  Well my friend Laura commented “but have you tried the Martha Stewart ones?” and I didn’t answer, but in the back of my head I thought, hmmm.  Then when I was eating cold oats on a camping trip and looking at my phone I saw on instagram that she had made the Martha Stewart muffins with some sort of fancy tall muffin maker and they were beautiful and glorious.  I thought, OK, fine, I see how it is.  Now I have to make those.

But when I looked up the recipe I thought, “actually that looks like a hassle” and I made a different version of the Martha Stewart muffins, oh, and I was out of flour, so I had to use whole wheat.  Why was I out of flour?  Because Luke made these pancakes earlier in the week, and they were totally amazing. I would have just photographed them and called them my own, but I have already made them.  Luke did a great job, these were so yummy.

IMG_0398But still, we were out of flour.  These muffins were nothing to write home about, so I won’t bother sharing the recipe that I didn’t really follow.  I did allow everyone to pick out their own cereal for the camping trip, but we were at the new Lucky’s and I said the cereal had to cost $3.00 or less so the boys choices were limited.  I had already purchased Dave’s fave – Captain Crunch.  I had an idea about making cookies with captain crunch in them, but there wasn’t any left.

Fortunately I packed three boxes of cereal and a dozen muffins because guess what I forgot?  Lunch.  When we go to the campground I started to make sandwiches and all I had was bread.  No one complained about cereal for lunch though.

I did serve an amazing dinner of meatball bahn mi subs from cook smarts that were seriously the best things ever.

Long story short, we camped for 10 days, then were home for 3 days, then camped again for 1 day, and had a fancy breakfast of muffins and cereal.  Oh, and we saw a lot of shooting stars.  It was quite beautiful.  And cold.  But also beautiful.  Even with forgetting lunch, and not bringing warm enough clothes, it was way better than last year.