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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bread Pudding

IMG_0586I was inspired to make bread pudding for Fancy Breakfast Friday because my friend Laura has been sending me recipes from her beloved bed and breakfast cookbook.  Dave was going to be out of town, and since he doesn’t like bread pudding, the timing seemed perfect.  But then I started thinking of the homemade pop tarts, chocolate babka, a batch of delicious cookies from a cookbook I received for Christmas, madeleines from the same cookbook, and a batch of brownies, and I thought maybe I had used enough butter to last a lifetime.  It was really time to switch to something more savory for breakfast.

Then I ended up at Cured and they had some gorgeous french bread that just screamed to me, “make me into bread pudding please.  Oh la la.”  It was meant to be.

I wanted to go with a basic recipe and I turned to the wisdom of dear old Betty Crocker.  I used this recipe here.  Where she calls for 6 slices of soft white bread, I used 8 ounces of french bread, plus two whole wheat hamburger buns that were lurking about in my pantry.  I added the buns because the whole mixture seemed a little too wet.

I mixed everything the night before and put in the fridge and then cooked it in the morning.

I served the bread pudding with vanilla yogurt.  It was good.