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>Lies and Fabrications

Jack is not napping well at daycare. Or at home. But at home, if I want to get a lot of work done, I sometimes let Jack nap in my lap. That allows him to sleep for over an hour and forces me to work instead of foraging for snacks. However, for some reason, Dave told the daycare about my bad parenting and I got lectured. Then I had to avoid three consecutive drop off/pick ups because I don’t like to get in trouble.

Short story long, yesterday Jack took one OK nap in the crib, one relatively good nap in the crib, and one fabulous nap on my lap. As I was falling asleep last night I was strategizing to myself. “Just tell her he slept fine. No, tell her you made him cry it out with mixed results. No, tell the nap stories accurately as to length and location, but say you were forced to let him nap on your lap because before you got a chance to put him down you ended up on a two hour conference call and you don’t have a cordless phone. Yes! That’s it!”

Stress much?

Why can’t I just take this fabulous advice I got from a good friend:

“The daycare just needs to pick a consistent routine for him there. He’s smart enough to follow a routine with them and then be treated like a king at home.”

(The picture is from yesterday morning. He slept from 8 until 6:30. Then had breakfast in bed and passed out, milk drunk.)