Fancy Breakfast Friday: Corn Cakes


I re-made these skillet corn cakes last Friday because I was still boycotting the oven.    They are so yummy, but the leftovers were very dry.  I am looking at the recipe now, and wondering if I made a little math error when I doubled the recipe.  Luke was at a mountain bike camp in Winter Park so he didn’t dine with us, and this is a photo of the leftovers. Note to self – no need to double the recipe when Luke is out of town.

Saturday morning we went to pick Luke up and watch his 20 mile mountain bike race.  Jack and Dave rode 17 miles, and I am finally in bad enough shape to go on a short hike with the dog and take pictures of flowers.  (That’s me looking on the bright side about my back/hip issue.)  Yay!  I love hiking.



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