Fancy Breakfast Friday: Death Star Waffles

Before I even started to make breakfast this morning, I had so many obstacles to overcome.

1.) Massive headache

2.) A work meeting that I scheduled for 7:00 am that someone canceled at 6:00 am

3.) Going back to bed and being loudly woken by Dave hearing the recycling truck 2 houses away and realizing he was going to have to get dressed, move two bikes out of the way and drag the recycling down the driveway in 20 seconds.  Reader, he did it.

So once I was up a second time, I dragged my headache into the kitchen and started breakfast.  I encountered another series of obstacles and self imposed problems so there is no point in sharing the recipe, except to share the story.

I decided to make waffles that had 5 eggs, the exact amount in my fridge.  It also called for a cup of sour cream.  I had about half a cup, plus a tablespoon of yogurt, and I subbed milk for the rest.  The batter was… thin.  The recipe also called for half a stick of butter, melted and cooled.  All my butter was in the freezer, because I like to buy a dumb amount of butter at Costco, and freeze it.  When I put frozen butter in the microwave for a minute, I ended up with half the butter melted over the entire inside of the microwave, and the other half still frozen.  The cleanup time may have caused the eggs and sugar to get slightly over-whipped.


Jack said, “This looks like the Death Star.”  Hence the name.  It was a particularly accurate name since I had already posted this picture of my kitchen counter on Facebook: