Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cream Torte


It’s a good year for apples in Colorado, these are from my neighbor’s tree.  As I write this, I have 8 apples baking in the oven for an apple cobbler and those are from a friend’s tree. I love to bake with apples from the neighborhood.  Of course, I took this picture before I added the powdered sugar, but it got even prettier.

Dave asked if this had 7 eggs in it like last week and I said, “No!  It doesn’t even have any fat.  Just 3 eggs and oh, 3/4 cup of cream.  Never mind.”  And a cup of sugar. I might try to scale that back a bit when I make it again.  This reminds me of the apple pie pancake, but without the two steps of cooking the apples on the stove and then the batter in the oven.  The only problem is that I will have to plan ahead because I don’t normally have cream.

I went to the grocery for the cream and then tried to find the recipe online when I was there to make sure I wasn’t missing any other ingredients.  I found that Food and Wine has an index with all the recipes for the month, which is very helpful. Unfortunately, this recipe was from Sunset  so the Food and Wine index was actually more annoying than helpful. I was so sure it was from the recent issue!  I may get too many magazines, but that will never change.

However I would change one part of this recipe.  It says to add the apples at the end, and make sure they get mixed into the batter well.  Then pour it into the pan and make sure the apple slices are all laying flat.  Next time I would pour in some batter, add some apples, repeat, etc.  Having to make sure the apples laid flat involved getting a lot of batter all over my hands.

I made this the night before and served with bacon, a bowl of yogurt and sliced peaches.




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