Fancy Breakfast Friday: Portable Baked Eggs


Last Friday we were lounging in our hotel room, easing into a day of baseball games.  By “we” I mean Jack and I.  Luke and Dave had to get up around 5:30 am.  Jack and I took the leisurely route and showed up for the second inning, or sometimes the second game.  I knew our hotel didn’t have a free continental breakfast, but did have a restaurant.  I was feeling thrifty and organized, so I pre-made some FBF before we left.  Then I beautifully arranged them on a plate for a photo before I put them in a tupperware and then into a cooler for our trip to Steamboat Springs.

I have to admit that I was feeling a little cheap by pre-baking breakfast, but it worked out really well.  Hotel restaurants aren’t super highly efficient at 5:30 am, and even if they are, who has time for a sit down meal before an 8:00 am game, with a 7:00 am warm up that’s a 45 minute drive away?  Long story short, Fancy Breakfast Friday saved the day.

I didn’t want to do a pastry because I was looking for something a little more substantial.  Baseball games can be exhausting so protein is important.  I turned once again to Feed Zone Portables.  Last time used this cookbook, I made frittata, but I wanted to go for something with more kid appeal. (no veggies)  This recipe is basically just 6 eggs baked in a muffin tin.  I did three scrambled and three unscrambled.  A little salt and pepper.  When they came out, I topped them with bacon and parmesan cheese.  In the hotel we reheated them one at a time for about 30 seconds in the microwave.  I had to eat them between a bagel, but Luke ate his “as is”.  These were not eaten off china but rather with a paper towel as a plate, over a snack strewn hotel table, surrounded by exploded suitcases.   It wasn’t pretty.  But guess what?  SO GOOD!  And I wasn’t eating my lunch before the second game started. Hearty. Total win.  For the breakfast – the team went 1 and 3.

I recommend Feed Zone Portables..  It’s a great book for healthy snacks.  (If you like homemade rice cake.  It’s heavy on the rice cake recipes.  Last time Jack took one of the rice cakes to school for snack, his teacher was so impressed that she said, “Your dad must be an amazing cook!”  But what about meeeeee?  I’m the amazing cook! But Dave does make the rice cakes.  I need to make more rice cakes I guess.)    The cookbook does mention that the eggs will be hard to remove from your non-stick muffin tin.  That is a true fact.  I greased the tin with butter and bacon grease and still had to work so hard to clean the pan that I thought I burned more calories than the baked eggs could possibly supply.  But I still think I will make these again.  It always seems like a great idea to bring hard boiled eggs on camping trips or road trips, but then no one feels like eating them when the time comes.  These were good.


I also brought homemade granola, yogurt, and garden strawberries.  Jack got a yogurt parfait for breakfast because he lives on oats and yogurt.


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