Fancy Breakfast Friday: Eggs Rothko Fail


Here is a pretty picture I took during a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.  So much prettier than the Eggs Rothko, aka toad in the hole, aka one eyed Jack.  It’s eggs in a piece of bread with melted cheese.  The recipe is from Breakfast Recipes to Wake Up For.  Or, as I like to call it, Breakfast, recipes for which you should wake up.  It’s a little clunkier that way, but what can you do?

The problem was that I took a really simple recipe and tried to improve it or complicate it by making my own bread.  And to do that I have to overcome two major obstacles – altitude and the fact that sometimes I don’t let the bread rise enough.  Long story short, I had to make a small hole for the egg in my too short bread.  It spilled over and was a giant mess. The end.

Ok here’s a picture.



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