Can you tell what we were for Halloween? I was Medusa, Dave was “turned to stone”, Jack was a ninja, and Luke was a scary monster. My hair was better the third time I did it:


Laura commented that I should have done my hair like that the first time I wore that dress, at my dear sister’s wedding.  People would have found the snakes to be odd, I think, but my hair still would have looked a lot better than it did 12 ago, during that “short hair phase”.  Awful.   And speaking of my short hair, this is the first couple’s costume that Dave and I have done since Fidel Castro and Elián González.  My costume was basically the fact that my short hair made me look like a boy, plus a life vest.  Dave looked exactly like Fidel Castro.  So this time around, as a pillar of stone, he had the problem of people not knowing what/who he was when he wasn’t with me.  But at least he wasn’t a woman, dressed as a little boy, lost at sea, adrift at a party with nothing but sexy nurse, sexy vampires, and sexy butterflies between her and the keg.


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