Spring is in the Air

I signed up for a CSA this year, I am going to hire some landscaping help for the yard, and I planted some seeds yesterday in a little teacup.  Two years ago, I had a very bad spring, and since then the garden has been in decline, and I am happy that this spring will be full of life.

The seeds on the windowsill are in the vintage teacup planter kit that I got when I donated to a very cool kickstarter project by domestic-construction.

Jack: Why is that teacup over there?
Me: I think the seeds will germinate best on the windowsill.
Jack: You are growing seeds in a teacup?
Dave: You know what germinate means?
Me: Do you know the word “germinate” or did you get it from the context of the sentence?
Jack: I looked it up on my computer.

For the record, Jack’s computer is just a keyboard with the cord cut off. It’s not connected to anything.