My Flirtation With Warby Parker



One of the ways I am becoming more awesome this year is to delete a lot of the home decor and fashion blogs I used to read.  I deleted them from my google reader, not from the internet.  I’m not that powerful.  I’m not some sort of Hollywood censor, people.  I’m not congress! (That’s a vague reference to SOPA, which I sort of know about since wikipedia couldn’t help me work yesterday.)

I liked knowing how all the cool kids are decorating, but it was sort of exhausting, and it would have been expensive if I had purchased even one item I had read about in the last year.  Where am I going with this?  For one thing, if you are a blogger to whom I subscribe, you should really be blogging a lot more often because my google reader is no longer being updated every 5 seconds with something new and shiny.

Secondly, the point of this post!  At some point I saw these beautiful pictures on this very pretty blog, and I thought, I could look like that!  (Could I have really thought that?) Regardless, I ordered some frames to try on from Warby Parker.   (You can only order online, so they ship you 5 pairs and you try them on and then send them back.  Then, presumably, you buy a pair.  That last sentence should be tweaked to include more exclamation points and love if I want free glasses for blogging about Warby Parker!  <— gratuitous exclamation point.)  They looked great on Jack, but they just didn’t work for me.  The problem is, I sort of love nerd-chic, and I’d like to go to the movies in glasses and actually be able to see the entire screen without my “cool” frames getting in the way.  But maybe they skewed more “actual nerd” than “nerd chic”.  Or maybe it’s just that my head is too small and one ear is higher that the other.  And even though I secretly loved the round ones, Dave hated them.  Possibly because I had that pair in high school.  And college.  And I still have them, but one of the lenses fell out.  Maybe it’s time to replace those lenses.



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