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Chocolate Chip

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread

Chocolate Peanut Butter Suprise

Dough Made and Rolled Out:

Sugar Cookie

Other Sugar Cookie for Star Wars Cookie Cutters

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But here is the situation: The sugar cookie dough is too dry.  I wondered, WWLD?  What Would Laura Do?  Well, she would probably tell me to JFGI.  So I googled, but I can’t believe there was nothing for “my sugar cookie dough dried out in the fridge.  What should I do?”  And honestly, it was too dry before it even went in the fridge.  Not sure exactly what happened there.  But no hits on google, and no time to wait till tomorrow to find out WWLD.  So I just sort of smeared some melty butter over the dry areas and got the kids ready for bed.  When I came back to the dough it was a little easier to roll out.  It’s in the freezer now, so I’ll have to report back later as to how they turned out.

I have a totally different problem with the star wars cookie dough, but I fear there may be many more problems to come with that, so I might as well save that debacle for it’s own post.

However, the 3 recipes of cookies that have been baked already are really really good.  Some are frozen, so don’t worry readers.  You may get to try one or two yourself.


4 thoughts on “Cookie Status

  1. Anonymous

    As a chocolate lover and an official gingerbread fan club member, can I request that you freeze one of those for the next time I come to visit?

  2. laura

    Fear just went through me like a lightening bolt because I have my chocolate cut-out dough in the fridge since Tuesday waiting to roll out tonight. I guess if it is yucky I will chuck it and start over. I cut out the gingerbread last night. no hair this year. fruit cookie and vanilla malt dough is in the freezer ready to go. we baked a sample of the vanilla malt. out of the oven, awesome, later – pretty plain. we could use it as filler in the bottom of the tins. ; )

  3. Jack

    Practice all you want. The true test of baking is the traditional Christmas Eve Birthday Cake. Spice with Chocolate Icing. Succeed there and no one will notice or remember a slight dryness in other efforts. I’m sure you are just being too critical of yourself anyway.

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