This Blog Post is Brought to You By The Letter J

J Curve, that is.  As in population.

Jack really likes to cuddle at bedtime, so that leaves you with 3 options:

1.) Don’t cuddle, and end up sending him back to bed 100 times.

2.) Cuddle long enough that he is pretty sleepy, but lose all your momentum and forget about anything you planned to accomplish that evening.

3.) Give up and just pass out in his bed.  Hope your spouse has the decency to rouse you before you reach REM sleep.

I was really tired today, so it was agreed that I might as well do bedtime and shoot for option 3.   I fell asleep while Jack was still telling stories.  But his monologue would occasionally pause, and I was slowly brought back into consciousness by the quiet sobbing that was happening in the top bunk.

At the current rate of population growth, things are predicted to be quite terrible on the Earth by the time Luke is 38 and he is seriously worried about it.  I did some kick-ass parenting, as always, and now the kids are in bed with visions of sugar plums or something.  I’m wide awake though, so lucky everyone!  I almost slept through my 30th day of blogging in a row.

So how did I solve the world’s problems?  Oh, just a lesson on sociology, economics, gravity, the atmosphere, photosynthesis, adoption, positive thinking, hugs, kisses, the usual.  And I promised Luke that I would find him some worry dolls.  I think those used to work for me, when I was a 3rd grade worrier.



3 thoughts on “This Blog Post is Brought to You By The Letter J

  1. laura

    we were probably all his age when we saw ‘The Day After’ on TV. at least he hasn’t seen that one. I’m glad he left Iran’s nuclear capabilities off his list.

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