Mystery, Solved

We had a big 20 hour mystery at our house, that was just solved.  In reverse chronological order, here is what happened.

5:00 pm: Mystery Solved, confirmed via txt.

8:00 am: Asked Luke for confirmation that my hunch was right.  He did not know what I was talking about.

7:00 am:  Woke up and thought, “duh.”

12:00 am:  Went to bed

11:50 pm: Posted a picture on facebook of the 1973 Ohio University Marching Men marching band record album that was the center of the mystery.  Stated that someone had snuck into my house and left it on the windowsill.

9:06 pm: Speculated wildly about who left the album.  And by “wildly” I mean, I assumed it was my friend Rob since he’s the only person I know that listens to records.

9:05 pm:  Said, “How did someone get in here to leave that on the windowsill?!  The door was locked!?  I wonder how long it’s been there.  I wonder how anyone could have gotten in.”

9:00 pm: Noticed the album on the windowsill!

8:55 pm:  Half-heartedly cleaned the kitchen, heartily mixed drinks.

8:50 pm:  Lost a race to our house, to our friends who drove.  Found them sitting at the kitchen counter having a drink.

8:45 pm:  Said, “I am trying to conjure up feelings of embarrassment about the state of the kitchen and the overall cleanliness of the house but I can’t.  If they beat us, maybe they’ll be cleaning the kitchen when we get there.”

8:20 pm:  Said, “We are stealing your daughter, you have Luke.   It’s a race to our house to play cards.  Bike vs. car.  See you there!”

Is that enough information to figure out the mystery, Encyclopedia Brown?  The real mystery is why I would say, “How could anyone get into our house?”  to two people who had been in my kitchen for 15 minutes before I got home.  Or why I would limit my ideas of who would have planted the record to “people who listen to records” instead of “people who play jokes” or “people who are in my house.”

Good one, MacBrides!