The Most Boring Story in the World

Here it is: I got frustrated with my job, so I posted my resume on, applied for some jobs, went on some interviews, got a verbal job offer, decided that was good enough, and gave two weeks notice at my job.

A few months ago, I announced that I planned to quit my job so spectacularly that I’d be interviewed on The Today Show, and Matt Lauer and I could reminisce about the good old days at our Alma Mater.  So maybe that is why my facebook friends were all very interested in “the story” of my quitting.  Maybe I made it sound like I just stormed out.   Maybe they think that now that I quit my job, I will have regained the ability to tell interesting stories.

The story is still in development as I await a firm offer for a new job.

But today in an IM with a co-worker, the term LMOA was used.  I just smiled and thought, “I am going to be funny again.”

Thanks for sticking with me!


4 thoughts on “The Most Boring Story in the World

  1. Cindy Van Rooy

    I’m glad you were able to quit. Sounded like a workaholic’s dream of a job. Posted by anonymous Cindy.

  2. Danielle

    Congrats on quitting your job – even if it wasn’t spectacular, I’m sure it still felt good!

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