That word was on my mind a few weeks ago when I was composing a blog title about my latest injury. We spent the weekend in a cabin, and the boys and I were Dave’s support crew for the Bailey Hundo, a 100 mile mountain bike race.  After the race, Dave ate, and hydrated, and we all headed back to the cabin for quiet time, and then we hit the playground.  For reason’s unknown to me at this time (dummening relapse, perhaps?) I raced Luke around a building, in heels, while carrying Jack on my hip.  Long story short I lost my balance and tore my glute.  So Mr. 100-mile-bike-racer-fathers-day-celebrator was treated to a great deal of whining (I need ice!  Water!  I need to hydrate! I thought we were going out to dinner?! I need a butt massage!  Wait, no I don’t! The PAIN, my God, THE PAIN!)  instead of plan A.    Plan A was all about Dave.

And why Netherland?  Well, because prior to my injury, I was reading a stack of magazines from the cabin and in Family Circle, I read a list of summer reads.  One person recommended Netherland, because President Obama had just read it.  How does he have time to read?  And why Netherland?  With his job, he should be reading Bossypants.   Netherland was too angsty and full of ennui.  I just had to look up both those words, and I was right about what they meant!    On the Boulder Book Store page it says, “Fascinating…. A wonderful book.” —President Obama, interviewed by Jon Meacham in Newsweek (May 25, 2009 issue)  Just how old was that Family Circle Magazine anyway?  And those are some pretty boring adjectives, no offense President Obama.

When I got my new iphone, my favorite thing about it was my new system of electronic lists.  Instead of reading a book recommendation in a magazine, and trying to remember the book, or folding the corner of the page down, or writing it in my planner, or ordering it immediately from the library, only to have 10 books arrive the same day, I add it to my iphone book list.  Simple.  Simple, but I can still screw it up.  I may have already blogged about this, and the importance of spelling the title correctly.  I still can’t believe I would have read a review of The Lost Girl by D.H. Lawrence and then chosen to read it.  I think I also need to start adding in the name of the person who recommended it.  Then I can thank or shun them later as appropriate.  And, I’d like to avoid the sinking feeling I get when I start wondering if  I am reading a book recommended by Yoko Ono on O magazine.

Care to be thanked or shunned?  Leave a summer book recommendation in the comments


6 thoughts on “Netherland

  1. laura

    how about ‘My Hollywood’ by Mona Simpson?
    ‘Pure Drivel’ by Steve Martin could never be a bad choice either for summer time summer time sum sum summertime

  2. Jena

    Cutting for stone. And the 3 Hunger Games books. Those are the ones I’ve read lately, and they are all “readworthy.”

  3. Danielle

    I’ll risk being shunned – I just finished reading “Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” by Jamie Ford – it was one of those books where I couldn’t wait to have a few minutes to read it and found myself reading while I was making dinner and helping Kelsey with her homework.

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