A Perfect Storm

Lest you think my beach pictures paint a less than rosy picture  due to my hipstamatic filter (Laura), I give you the above, undoctored photo.  The sea was angry that day, my friends, etc.

But here is some exciting news!  I was planning to get back into blogging this month in honor of the Fourth Annual July Commenting month.  And what better way to generate comments, than to post everyday?  And the NaBloPoMo theme for July is “swim”.  Day 1, done.  And the prize for the best title to yesterday’s picture is that I will work the winner into a short story that I post one day this month.  Then I will submit that post to Blogher and possibly get featured there, and paid $50, and become famous.

Perfect storm people, perfect storm.


Comment on yesterday’s post with a title for the picture.   If you win, I’ll dedicate my horror movie style short story/post to you.  (Winner chosen not at all randomly by me.)

July Commenting Month:  For every comment during the month of July, you get one entry in the comment contest.  The name is drawn out of a hat, by Luke.  Past winners have won a book store gift certificate, a coffee mug, and chocolate.  I usually buy the prize on my vacation, so it is still TBD.

Welcome to July!


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