>Little Old Man

>Poor baby Jack is quite ill, with a terrible cough, runny nose, headache and fever. I tried twice to put Dr. Burts Res-Q ointment on his nose, which I have always found to be amazingly effective in the past for reducing pain and redness and clearing up the sinuses.

The first time he wouldn’t let me come near him, but the second time, he was more resigned. I put the ointment on his nose and with a sigh, and a shrug, he said,

“See? I knew it wouldn’t work.”

I said, “When did you become such a pessimist?”

With another shrug, he said, “When I growed up.”

My poor little baby is all growed up, and he growed up to be a pessimist. Sigh.


There was more to his story after that, but since he has laryngitis and a tendency to ramble on and on, I didn’t catch it all. I know there was something in there about how he growed up to be a gentleman, and isn’t Darth a really weird first name? How do you get to be named Darth?