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>A looong time ago, Dave and I went out to lunch at The Kitchen and it was fantastic. I was observing two old biddies at lunch a few tables away and imagining that it would be me and my friend Laura in five 30 years. Then a light bulb went off. Start going out to lunch now!

Of course at the time, Laura was busy eating a bag of microwaved frozen veggies for lunch every day and she couldn’t be persuaded to go out. Not even the frequent and repeated gagging sounds I made every time she described her lunch could change her mind. She says, “Who doesn’t like something hot for lunch?” I was almost won over by microwaved frozen veggies, when suddenly, Laura had a change of heart. Cue tears of joy.

I’ve been trying to think of some regular features to have here at MetaMegan since I haven’t been able to write about iworkallthetimepottytrainingistheworstseriouslytheywantmetocancelmyvacationsoIcanwork-moremydogisagrumpygrowlerwahwahwah or “poop” for short.

All I had come up with prior to my restaurant reviews, was a weekly picture from my phone, so WOAH! all of a sudden I have a couple ideas for a few posts per week. YEA!

The best part is that my idea for the lunch reviews is two fold. The first part is where I am ecstatic that I left work, and I had a glass of wine and delightful conversation at lunch. All the praise is glowing, I am full and happy. The second part will be called, In retrospect, and that’s when I will eat leftovers and think about what was wrong with my meal.

Nutshell version to get caught up…
Ladies Who Lunch:
The dough/crust at Pizzeria Basta is amazing. The prix fixe lunch ($10.00 for soup or salad, pizza or calzone) was a good amount of food for the price. Half glass of wine for $3.00! I had the soup (roasted red pepper/tomato) and the margarita pizza. I had so much fun, and I forgot all my troubles.
In Retrospect:
I’m on a diet, so I could drink a jar of tomato sauce and think it was delicious. And that is sort of how I felt about the soup. And by jar, I mean can, because it tasted a little metallic. It was really good though. But a little metallic. And I really want to be the type of person who thinks cheese is not that important on a pizza, and for my diet, the small circle of cheese on each slice was probably the best for my calorie count, but I was surprised at how little cheese there was on my pizza. I felt myself looking longingly at Laura’s calzone, which looked like it had more to it. Also, the menu used colons in very bizarre ways that made it really hard to read. They need a proofreader for their menu for sure. (The online menu does not seem as confusing.)

Lastly, this is not the fault of Pizzeria Basta, but I was telling Laura about a facebook friend who seems to rarely be at work, and spends all his/her time at the beach or on vacation. I was speculating that he/she made it big in the dot com era or something and she said, maybe he/she is just someone who rarely works. Or someone who has days off, like a waiter. And I said, “Yes! That explains everything! He/She is just a waiter!!!” And of course I said that just as the waiter came to our table, and then I felt like an ass.

In short – I would go back for the wine, and to try a different pizza to see it was cheesier, because it was a nice lunch and 1000 times better than being at work, and I have heard great reviews from other people, but not before I cross a bunch of other places off my list.

Coming soon… Cafe Aion!

P.S. Ladies Who Lunch is a work in progress title. When Dave found out this was going to be a weekly thing he wasn’t pleased. And he wanted in on some of the lunch action. So sometimes it might be Ladies Who Lunch + Dave. Or something. I thought he was objecting on grounds that it was too expensive a habit, but then I told him if he comes with us, it’s just that much more expensive.


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  1. Laura M

    >I promise not to let celebrity get to my head and try to add my boring two cents every time BUT:A) green giant is AWESOMEhttp://heateatreview.com/2008/01/02/green-giant-healthy-weight-frozen-vegetables/B) I was sitting there thinking your pizza looked way better than my bland calzone. Which only had the flavor of the crust and ricotta until you add the sauce (re: your soup review). But I always have food envy at restaurants. until next time…

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