>Lessons, Learned

>When you come home from daycare with a plastic bagged filled with a pair of underwear filled with a big turd, your first instinct might be to deal with it immediately, have a drink and forget it ever happened for 24 hours until the same thing happens again.

Word to the wise: Take off your coat and scarf first. Never lean over the toilet to deal with turd filled underwear (henceforth referred to as The Situation) while wearing a beautiful scarf. I can’t stress this enough people. While you are taking off your hat and scarf, pour yourself a drink and savor it for 15 minutes and then deal with The Situation. Just don’t wait so long that your spouse says, “Did you leave The Situation in the bathroom for me to deal with?” Relax everyone, there will be enough to go around.


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  1. ontapfortoday.com

    >I need to bookmark this post. Sometime, probably very far in the future, I may need this very useful instructional. You're like, a Situation Guru. I will light a candle in your honor… hahaha. Bravo!

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